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New Niches in the Columbarium of the Chapel

Complexe Funéraire des Trembles

Support for families since 1995


Des Trembles Cemetery & Funeral Complex is a place for reflection.


When death occurs


It is normal to feel helpless when a loved one leaves us: we answer your questions.


A wide range of funeral services and burials


Pre-arranged funerals make it possible to plan everything down to the last detail.

Many thanks to you and to all your exceptional team.


You have softened our ordeal of our mother's death by supporting us and having this kindness that is good. For both our father and our mother, this symbolism of mourning has taken on its full meaning from the essentials of life. It was an intense but beautiful day. Everything was perfect thanks to you! Thank you also to Mr. Roland Demers who transmitted this symbolism of an obligatory passage of the loss of our mother so well.


JA -09/11/2021

Serving Montréal families since 1852

Des Trembles Cemetery & Funeral Complex is part of the Mount Royal Commemorative Services, founded in 1852. Whether you are looking for information about cremation or a chapel ceremony, you will be dealing with experienced and empathetic counsellors who are always happy to answer your questions. We have gathered important information, including death notices and several useful links, to help you in your journey.

A place of commemoration and remembrance

Created in 1995 with the aim of offering a place of remembrance and commemoration, the Des Trembles funeral complex is a place that combines a sense of care, comfort and intimacy. Composed of spacious and bright rooms in the heart of a wooded and flowery environment, this funeral centre is equipped with modern equipment. The tranquility of this place is conducive to reflection despite its large capacity, which allows you to organize funeral ceremonies according to your wishes. Feel free to contact our team or visit in person to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Des Trembles Cemetery.

Dedicated support


Losing a loved one is an emotional ordeal and upheaval. When death occurs, it is often difficult to make rational decisions or address administrative issues. For more than 20 years, our dedicated team has been responsible for all the steps involved in organizing funerals with empathy and efficiency. No matter how you wish to say goodbye to a loved one and your religious beliefs, we are at your side to help you and answer your questions. You have the option of defining your wishes through pre-arranged funeral arrangements and personalized burial services.

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